First things first - is it clean?


This is really important as we can't take everything and sometimes we might not have the room for the other things.

Send us an email with as much information as possible about what you have i.e. the size, number and condition. We'd love good quality photos too! In some cases we'll have to organise a time to inspect items up close.

We aim to respond to donation enquiries within 3 BUSINESS DAYS, though sometimes it can take a little longer if we're really busy.

If your items are suitable for donation, we'll organise a time for you to drop them off, or we may be able to schedule a truck collection for larger items.


  • Acrylic off-cuts and panels
  • Bottle tops – clean and dry
  • Core-flute – posters and commercial off-cuts
  • Film reels
  • Netting and shade materials
  • Vinyl records


  • Metal (punch-outs, brackets, wire, sheets)
  • Tools

Paper, Card & Stationery

  • Books - in good condition (no instruction manuals, text books, photocopies or print-outs)
  • Cardboard boxes - flat packed in excellent condition
  • Promotional and cardboard (leftovers, off-cuts, cut-outs, wallpaper, fancy papers)
  • Stationery – good condition items only


  • Corks
  • Doors and timber woods (when space is available)
  • Timber and plywood (de-nailed, untreated, including structural timber, flooring, spools and frames)



Fabric & Textiles

  • Fabric and textiles (rolls, swatches and samples) min 30cm square pieces
  • Haberdashery (zips, buttons, thread, belts, clips, braid, ribbon, padding)
  • Leather and sheepskin (rolls, skins, off-cuts)
  • Rope, cord and twine

Rubber & Foam

  • Foam core off-cuts
  • Gasket and washer cut-outs
  • Plastics and foam (perspex, acetate, polypropylene, vinyl, medium to high density polystyrene (not domestic packaging), upholstery foam, latex foam, foam rubber, neoprene, billboard skins, closed cell foam, blocks, cut-outs, stencils)

Household Items



  • Artists' materials and equipment
  • Containers (plastic, glass, cardboard and metal containers and drums, boxes, bottles, pots). No food or drink containers
  • Film and theatre props and costumes (theatre props, costumes, set pieces, wigs, costume jewellery)
  • Film and theatre set materials (small flats, treads, staging pieces, plinths, lighting gels, lights, stage curtains in good condition) - large pieces only when we have available space
  • Merchandising (mannequins, body shells, props, display items)
  • Spools and reels - (timber, plastic, metal, large and small)
  • Tubing (plastic, cardboard, rubber)