Is there anything we DON'T take?

Is there anything Reverse Garbage Queensland does NOT take?

Unfortunately there are a number of things we cannot take including those items listed on the Department of Environment and Science regulated waste list as well as the following:


If we can't reuse your plastics we recommend visiting Planet Ark to see what can be recycled

  • Disc boxes
  • Homemade cassette and videotapes
  • Used plastic and paper shopping bags
  • Containers that have contained food or chemicals


  • Aluminium windows

Paper, Card & Stationery

  • Ring binders and suspension files
  • Used cardboard boxes (such as fruit boxes)
  • Gossip, trashy or sleazy magazines
  • Used greeting cards
  • Old office stationery (such as pamphlets, leaflets, fact sheets and letterheads)
  • Shredded paper
  • Toilet roll centres and other domestic packaging including used xmas paper and used paper bags


Did you know you can donate some of your building material waste to the Demolition Yard?

  • Fibro
  • MDF and chipboard
  • Treated timber (unless treated with boron gas)
  • Very dirty, dusty, rotted or eaten timbers or timber that requires much de-nailing


Did you know you can donate your electrical waste to Substation 33?

  • Photocopiers and fax machines
  • Large household electrical appliances (such as stoves and microwaves, fridges, clothes dryers and washing machines)
  • Small household electrical appliances (such as toasters, irons, coffee makers and hair dryers)
  • Stereos and cassette tape players (unless vintage)
  • Answering machines, TVs, VHS and DVD players
  • Old light fittings (unless vintage or arty)
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • Electrical goods (such as computers, printers, monitors and scanners)

Fabric & Textiles

  • Used hats, bags, clothing and footwear
  • Used sheets, doona covers, towels and pillows
  • Small unusable fabric scraps or fabric that is mouldy or smelling of moth balls (naphthalene)

Rubber & Foam

  • Stuffed toys (unless donated new)
  • Polystyrene packaging (the moulded shapes that fit around items)
  • Packing peanuts made from organic material

Household Items

Did you know you can donate your larger household items to The Salvos?

  • Kitchenware (such as crockery, saucepans and plastic containers)
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Large items of furniture (such as lounge suites)
  • Broken or damaged furniture (unless very vintage and repairable)
  • Misc household cables and electrical fittings
  • Misc household bric a brac and junk (mobile phones, used toys, gizmos etc)
  • Bicycles


  • Pianos
  • Large office desks
  • Paint, varnish etc that has been opened (or is past its use by date)
  • Venetian blinds (unless wooden), second-hand curtains and holland blinds

Please contact us before you drop anything around. Your local op shop, tip shop or recycler may accept some things that we cannot.