Build Your Pet Rock a Home - Eco Art Workshop

Build Your Pet Rock a Home

Have you got a pet rock? What does it like to do during the day? Or does it prefer the night? What does it eat? Who are its friends?

In this workshop we’ll help your child build the perfect habitat for their pet rock. We can also explore the daily and seasonal changes in their environments to illustrate how they may affect every day life. For example, does your pet rock live under the sea? If so, what types of plants and animals will you find in a seascape? Does your pet rock live in the trees? Who else lives in our trees? What weather conditions do we need to protect your pet from if they live in the trees?

This informed decision making process will also assist children in deciding what tools to select when manipulating their chosen materials; plus help them re-imagine their home environment to be a treasure trove for zero waste inventions.

Thu, 2020-07-02 14:00 - 15:30