2006 - 2010 Exhibitions

Reverse Garbage Presents: A Very Eco Christmas – December 2010

A Christmas extravaganza for the eco conscious gift buyer! This exhibition was also a fundraising event leading up to our big warehouse move. The opening night featured an auction of our iconic cardboard barrels filled with goodies from local businesses as well as gorgeous decorated barrels hand painted by some of Reverse Garbage’s artistic friends!

Junkie Couture - September 2010

A wearable art exhibition that promoted sustainability in the fashion industry and showcased original handmade fashion and accessories. Up-and-coming artists, jewellers, milliners and designers from around Australia exhibited beautiful and diverse works made from materials salvaged from the waste stream.

Reverse Garbage also ran a workshop in conjunction with the exhibition teaching techniques for creating sustainable wearable art pieces.

Plastic Fantastic!?! - June 2010

On World Environment Day, 5 June 2010, Reverse Garbage launched Plastic Fantastic!?! an exhibition of jewellery, sculpture, home wares, trinkets and toys made from salvaged plastics and raising awareness about the problems of over consumption of resources in the community.

Too often we throw away plastic bottles and containers after just one use. 

Much of this waste is recycled with large amounts of energy used to melt it down and create new items. Even worse, a lot of these bottles and containers end up in our landfills where they slowly breakdown leaching toxic chemicals into the environment. The best solution is to reducing our consumption by using reusable containers instead.

Your Place… or Mine? – February 2010

Reverse Garbage celebrated Valentines Day at home with Your place...or mine? an exhibition of handmade home wares crafted from salvaged materials.

SH!FT - November 2009

During the month of National Recycling Week, Reverse Garbage challenged Brisbane artists to SH!FT the materials they use in their work to eco-friendly salvaged materials, whilst at the same time helping YOU to SH!FT the way you see waste. A broad array of items were exhibited including jewellery, home wares, toys and art.

Res·o·nance - August 2009

August - a time for Brisbane residents to reflect on the sounds of their community. Whether it be the sounds of the live music festivals, the sounds of country activities during ‘EKKA’ or the sounds of feet hitting the pavements for the Bridge to Brisbane fun run, the August winds carry the sounds through our city and energise us to resonate with our surrounding community. Artworks in the exhibition reflected sound, movement, energy and community through salvaged materials.

Love, Beauty and Women - May 2009

This exhibition was a reflection on what is important about being a woman in today’s society however the exhibition was not limited to women. The whole community was invited to participate in the exhibition that explored love, beauty and women.

Renaissance - November 2008

The title Renaissance was selected for its rebirth and renewal connotations. Artists were invited to breathe new life into discarded materials creating art pieces perfect for the ecologically sound Christmas present.

Adorn Me - June 2008

Adorn me… was the invitation for artists to explore links between primal choices of bodily expression and modern fashion. Each artist produced work using 75 per cent or more recycled materials that tackled concepts surrounding adornment.

Exhibiting artist Cindy Parker said, “we live in a throw-away society characterised by an endless array of choices and ever-emerging wants.” Her necklaces were made from found modern items including zips, Barbie doll feet and rubbish from the beach.

Re-Creations - Nov 2007

This Christmas exhibition included jewellery (rings, necklaces, brooches, cuffs), decorative wall panels, purses and bags, soft toys, decorative hanging garlands, drink coasters, light summery hand-felted wraps/scarves, felted Christmas decorations and more.

Threads of Change - July 2007

A textile-focused exhibition that featured a range of felted, quilted, woven and stitched works by more than a dozen talented local artists and designers.

Works exhibited included shawls and wraps, hand and shoulder bags, hats, soft sculptures, puppets and marionettes, jewellery, toys and home ware items including tea cosies, woven baskets, wall hangings and quilts.

An exciting series of textile-based workshops were run in conjunction with the exhibition. Lesa Hepburn facilitated a paper making workshop and Wendy Bailye introduced participants to the fine art of felting.

Junk-IT - mid-2006

Junk-IT was an exciting exhibition that encouraged artists and designers to incorporate disused computer and IT components in their works of art. Junk-IT featured lamps, handbags, jewellery, clocks, key rings, notebooks, a sculpture - all crafted from computers parts that were destined for landfill.