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Mail Order 2020 Catalogue - DOWNLOAD

Mail Order 2020 Catalogue - last updated May 2020

Reverse Garbage Queensland is committed to supplying interesting, inexpensive and environmentally responsible alternatives to mainstream art and craft supplies to regional Queensland and beyond. The warehouse is brimming with an array of colourful and interesting salvaged materials including timber, textiles, foam, fabrics, metal, plastics, boxes, rope, paper, card and more!

Packed into large, reused cardboard boxes and sent through the post, these mixed materials are great for schools, kindergartens, OSHC and childcare centres or anyone wanting materials in bulk. 

We also send items from the shop floor for those who spot items on our Facebook or Instagram feeds but can't get into the store to purchase.  For shop floor items please call or email us for more details.

Perfect for use in craft, constructive and creative activities as well as school projects, you may also find our materials will compliment and enhance many other activities and areas of learning. Some materials can be reused again and again in your classroom or centre as props for creative or imaginative play, tools or resources to inspire exploring, creating and constructing or for use in games or physical activities.

Select from our comprehensive list of material barrels, activity barrels and themed barrels or tailor a custom barrel to suit your specific project or subject area.

Age Groups & Skill Levels

We are aware that when manipulating and using materials, skill level is most commonly determined by age. Therefore we have assigned a suggested age bracket to barrels that require particular skill levels to achieve most tasks independently. When packing your order we consider your age group and aim to pack accordingly. Please contact us if wish to discuss further options or adapt a barrel to your age group.

Packed for Pick Up

Our Mail Order Service is not just for posting! If you are able to pick up from the store you can save time by having us pack the materials for you, save money on postage and get your materials sooner! Call us to discuss how we can provide your next workshop, birthday party or craft session with a barrel full of exciting, salvaged materials ready to pick up from the store!

Please Note

The selection of available materials at Reverse Garbage Queenslansd is constantly changing and our mail order boxes are packed accordingly. We are experts in making do! We always have similiar materials in stock and substitute like for like where needed without compromising the content of our themed, material and activity barrels!

Contact Us

You can request your box be packed with something you have seen on our facebook or instagram page, in our monthly newsletter "Not Junk Mail" and we can provide materials for a specific project or workshop.

To make an enquiry regarding our mail order service, for customised boxes, special requests or smaller packages contact our friendly Mail Order Co-ordinator on (07) 3891 9744 or by e-mail. We look forward to mailing you exciting, salvaged materials from Reverse Garbage Queensland!

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