Buy Nothing New Month at Reverse Garbage


Reverse Garbage, Brisbane's mecca of quirky sustainable products celebrates October as part of the Buy Nothing New campaign!

Buy Nothing New Month reflects a growing global movement of people reassessing how and what they buy. Instead of a throw away attitude to 'stuff', Buy Nothing New Month extends the life of existing goods, maximises the value of existing stuff while promoting re-cycled, free-cycled, up-cycled, second-hand, 'swishing' and sustainable alternatives to buy nothing new that are better for you, your wallet and the planet.

For over twelve years, Reverse Garbage has been rescuing useful materials and products from the pre and post-consumer waste stream. During this time, Reverse Garbage has diverted approximately ten thousand cubic metres of material away from landfill, providing consumers with both cheap and environmentally responsible alternatives to main stream art, craft and building supplies.

“It's great to be on board with the Buy Nothing New Campaign” says PR Co-ordinator, Rozina Suliman “to join forces with consumers and businesses alike encouraging changes in attitudes about consumption and waste”

“Responses have been extremely positive and the effects of this campaign will be seen long after October ends because of the educational element that the Buy Nothing New Campaign provides”

This October, take a month to examine where your money goes, and where it could be better spent. See how cutting back on things we don't need creates savings for the things we do need, and how more informed choices help support businesses and transactions that value existing and finite resources.

Buy Nothing New Month runs from 1 – 31 October 2011 at Reverse Garbage (and Australia wide). Get on board today!

Check out the Buy Nothing New Campaign: