Not J*nk Mail Jan 2017

Why hello there 2017!

Happy New Year and all that. RGQ has returned (almost) intact from delivering workshops at wonderful Woodford Folk Festival. What an awe-inspiring 10 days! It's tricky to choose, but we have picked 5 favourite things from the festival - check out this blog post to find out what they are!

Now, are you ready for some creative reuse inspiration? We've hit the ground running with a tidy little list of goodies to get your new year off to a great start. Check it out below.

Before a bunch of you head off back to school (we've got plently of supplies by the way) why not come along to one of our School Holiday Eco-Art Workshops (Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Marble Run Fun on Tuesday 17 January and Outer Space Adventures and Monsters and Dragons on Wednesday 18 January).

If you're looking for a first project for 2017 look no further than Rag Rug Making. Some of you have been asking us to run this workshop again, so it's back on Sat 25 Feb.

See you in the Woolloongabba warehouse soon!

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