RG in Kids on the Coast Magazine!

Check us out on p.44 in the article on Handmade Natural Gifts!

We've provided instructions on how to make a Reverse Garbage signature item, the Yellow Holey Strip Bag for parents and children this festive season!

Unfortunately they didn't include our photo,  which makes it a little hard to follow... so we've popped the photo below with all the instructions to help you!


Reverse Garbage Handmade Gift Projects for Children

Yellow Holey Strip Bag (ages 8-13 years)

Materials Required

-1 x Big rectangle holey strip (in yellow or black approx 40cm x 20cm)
-1 x Skinny rectangle holey strip (in yellow or black approx 34 x 10cm)
-2 x cork rings (or other rings approx 10cm diameter)
-Lots of skinny fabric strips (stretchy fabric is great!)


-Collect materials
-Cut skinny rectangle holey strip in half (so you have two strips 17 x 10cm)
-Curve big rectangle holey strip and position skinny strip on the side with a slight overhang
-Tie fabric strips together till you have a really long piece
-Weave fabric through the holes of each of the two pieces to join together
-Continue until one side is joined
-Repeat for second side
-Cut off overhang to give a nice rounded edge on the bottom of the bag
-Position rings
-Weave fabric through the top of the holey strip and the ring to join
-Decorate with additional fabric or you can glue pretty things on!