Reverse Garbage Queensland - School Holiday Workshops - December 2015

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A fantastic way to be creative, have fun and create something out of nothing

Take some time out of the pre-Christmas madness and bring children along to RGQ for our school holiday creative eco workshops. A great day out for adults and kids alike, RGQ school holiday workshops are a really fantastic way be creative, have fun and make something awesome out of industrial remnants and off-cuts.

Not Junk Mail - December 2015

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Great offerings at RGQ to close out 2015

Friends, customers and creative folk generally. Pour yourself your favourite brew and settle in. We have much to show and tell.

Eco-friendly holiday crafts

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Three ideas for educators

Dear Educators,

The festive season is a great time for kids to get hands on with art and craft projects. Have you tried using upcycled, recycled or repurposed materials in kids' art this year? In my experience it can transform an ordinary activity into something really fun and children are very open to unlocking the creative potential of “garbage”!

Mannequin Moments make moving memories

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You creative customer, can keep them coming

We have so many wonderful mannequins on the floor at the moment that we are enjoying hearing the stories of what you are planning to do with them.

Mad Hatter takes the cake

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All school holiday workshops are selling well but the mad hatter has gone ... well, mad!

School holiday workshops in Woolloongabba are attracting unusual attention, with January's Mad Hatter's Tea Party selling fast the day it was posted.

Workshop coordinator, Mercedes Walters, said that the success of last week's grand opening of Carnivale Conscientious may have beefed up interest in the workshops.

Re-fashion the future

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Over 30 Up-cycled Brisbane artists exhibit at Carnivale

Carnivalé Conscientious is the upcycled exhibition for over 30 Brisbane artists at Reverse Garbage Queensland's Woollongabba warehouse running until 5:00pm on Thursday

December School Holiday Workshops

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Christmas Craft plus Monsters, Dragons, Robots and Spaceships!

Come along to Reverse Garbage Queensland these December school holidays where our workshops are set to inspire and entertain children while they learn about sustainability!

With a focus on re-using clean discards, we are getting ready for an environmentally-friendly Christmas. Using up last year's Christmas cards and tinsel plus our fabulous array of materials such as cardboard tubing, fabric off-cuts, cotton wadding and our famous dots and spots we'll be as inventive and busy as elves before Christmas.

Christmas Crafting for a Cause

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Perch and Pantry host wreath making workshop

Calling all bay-side crafters!

Not Junk Mail - November 2015

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What's new and what's on in November at Reverse Garbage Queensland


Dear Friends of Reverse Garbage Queensland,

Many of you saw October out at Woollongabba with us, making masks and spotting “spookies” to celebrate Halloween. The instructions for making your own ghost are still being downloaded!

Mid-month (Sat 14th Nov to be exact) we are holding a biblio-craft workshop as part of Brisbane City Council's celebrations for National Recycle Week. Read more below.

Biblio-craft reveals the jewel in the text

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Turning paper objects into artwork at this free workshop

Craft lovers with interesting remnants of work on paper can turn them into jewellery, journal covers, sculpture and other artforms at Reverse Garbage Queensland's Biblio-Craft workshop at 2:00pm on Saturday November 14th at 20 Burke St Woollongabba.