Due to the ever changing nature of our stock, products shown here are not always available and are presented as an example of what we collect.

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Reverse Garbage Queensland collects industrial discards from more than 300 businesses around Brisbane diverting them away from landfill and making them available at low cost to the community. The warehouse is brimming with colourful and interesting materials. With a new truckload arriving almost every day, the stock is always changing!

These materials are suitable for a variety of uses including art and craft, jewellery and costume making, theatre and film sets, party decoration, furniture and odd jobs around the home. Not only are these materials available at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new materials, but buying from Reverse Garbage Queensland also helps you to reduce your personal ecological impact.

The warehouse also features an aisle that is like an oversized pick 'n' mix. Fill a bag of assorted materials from the baggable aisle for $5, $10 or $25 (depending on bag size). This is a great way for teachers or event organisers to buy cheap materials in bulk for all sorts of projects!

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